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How you can GIVE and help OUR Church

At New Heights Church, we believe in good stewardship of what God gives us. We do believe in returning a biblical tithe of 10% (Deuteronomy 14) back to the Lord through giving. We do this primarily two different ways:

  • In person - Each Sunday morning service, we collect our tithes and offering during the worship service. Giving is as much an act of worship as song and message. We encourage all those who regularly attend and call New Heights Church home to give. If you are our guest, please do not feel obligated to partake in this part of the service. Just sit back and worship through song and the spoken Word!

  • Online - For your convenience, we offer completely secure online giving through EasyTithe. You can use the handy link below, or look for the EasyTithe app. When you install the app, you will need to look for "New Heights Church" using the 40977 ZIP code.

ways you can donate:




E-mail us at more information by giving by mail.

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