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Your commitment to God and His Church is to be expressed through involvement in a local body of believers. Scripture depicts a local church as a community of believers in a particular place committed to gather together on a regular basis to worship God and fulfill His mission to the world. Within this community, our unity in Christ compels our commitment to one another. Membership in a local church is, therefore, participation in a family.

Just as a family is dependent on individual members functioning in specific roles, so a local body of believers requires sacrificial and responsible service from each member. The health of a local church, therefore, can be measured by the commitment of its members. At New Heights, our goal is to be a healthy church that displays the glory of God to one another and to the world. To achieve this goal, it is important to clearly articulate both what we believe and how we are committed to behave as a family of faith. The beginning point of our beliefs is a biblical understanding of what it means to be a Christian.

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Mark Elkins

Lead Pastor

Jonathan Neely


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Bonnie Partin, Emily Tuttle, Carlee Partin, CJ Partin, Lauren Hoskins


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Jonathan Tuttle


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Chris Crockett


Charles Myrick

Media Ministry Lead

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Dexter Lester

I was led to Jesus at the age of nine in a small church in Ohio by a minister from Kentucky.   Following high school I went to college for two years and then volunteered for the draft.  After serving a year in Vietnam, I came home and married my long time sweetheart and began serving in ministry.  I have served as a deacon, worship leader, youth minister and pastor in addition to a multitude of volunteer positions and committee assignments.  I received my bachelor’s degree from Clear Creek in 1987 and a Master of Divinity degree from Southern Seminary in Louisville in 1993.  Upon completion of my masters I was asked to join the faculty of Clear Creek where I served for twelve years.  While at Clear Creek I began working on a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Wales in London, England.  The work there required me to meet with my supervisor in London six weeks of the year, doing the remainder of the work from home.  I did that for a total of eight years and received my PhD in theology in 2010. 

While working on my doctorate I began teaching at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg.  During my time at Cumberland I taught courses in Old and New Testament, Theology, Greek, Church History, World Religions, Preaching, Church Planting, Ethics and World Views.  In 2010 Marge and I began taking Cumberland students to Macedonia to work with missionaries there in heavily Muslim communities.  Two years ago we transitioned to trips to Bosnia, working once again in areas dominated by Muslims.  Our next trip is planned May of this year.

At New Heights I serve on the leadership team, lead a small group and teach one of the discipleship courses

Fred Cummings


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Chris & Johnna Fuson

Worship Leaders

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Marge Cummings


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Charles Myrick

Media Ministry Lead